Review: Quest Kids and the Dragon Pants of Gold

Quest Kids
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I received an advanced copy of the book Quest Kids and the Dragon Pants of Gold. I requested it for Andy because I figured that he would enjoy the silliness of it plus the tons of cartoon illustrations inside. The book is filled with cartoons that go along with the story. It is one of those combination books where much of the story is told through the cartoons on each page but then there are also pages of text.

It is a great book for those kids who are not huge readers but they enjoy cartoons and will find having cartoons and text broken up throughout the book much easier to read. This is the type of reader that Andy is. He’s not one for a straight up book with text only. He enjoyed the cartoons and the story of this book because it was so absurdly silly.

I also read the book and found it to be pretty funny. The simple drawings and the unique and funny characters made it an interesting read. You can pick up this book from out affiliate link and give it to your own reader in your house.

More about the book from the official press release.

About the Book

A Diary of a Wimpy Kid meets A Series of Unfortunate Events in Mark Leiknes’ QUEST KIDS AND THE DRAGON PANTS OF GOLD (On Sale September 13, 2022), which kicks off the new laugh-out-loud funny and delightfully meta highly illustrated middle grade series, Quest Kids.

Meet the mostly fearless and always funny Quest Kids: Gil, a wizard (well, wizard in training . . . the beard isn’t his); Terra, a 700-year-old elf kid; Boulder, a rock troll who is more of a cook than a fighter; Ash, a flatulent pig-dog-maybe-lizard hybrid; and, Ned, the intrepid and overly optimistic leader with his own personal quest to find his missing parents.

The Quest Kids are ready for their first real quest. This time, they won’t oversleep, they won’t be put off by a little rain, and they won’t accidentally burn down the village that hired them. All they have to do is find the Golden-Fleeced Rage Beast, shave it, and make a really nice golden tracksuit to appease a furious dragon. Simple, right?

With humor, magic, mystery, and at least one acid swamp filled with skeletal alligators, Mark Leiknes’ debut, QUEST KIDS AND THE DRAGON PANTS OF GOLD, is a richly illustrated saga of perilous adventure, true friendship, and golden loungewear for readers from all kingdoms!