Review: The National Geographic Kids Almanac 2021

Andy and the Kids Almanac
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We received a free copy of the National Geographic Kids Almanac 2021 to read and review. Opinions are our own.The National Geographic Kids Almanac is a fantastic publication filled with the amazing photos from National Geographic photographers and is set up in such a way that each page is filled with great information for kids. It is not overly wordy but conveys quick bits of information that kids would love like the 21 cutest animals of 2021. Each little blurb about the animal goes along with a cute photo.

I asked for this to review because Andy says that he wants to be an animal adoption person and so anything with and about animals is sure to catch his eye. The Almanac has so many great animal stories inside but also stories about people and places and one story on robots that told me that there is a restaurant run by robots in China! The meal is prepared, cooked and served by robots! That is crazy cool.

There are also fun games to do inside the Almanac and instructions on making things like snow globes and more. Andy actually made a snow globe this Summer. He said he wanted to make one but didn’t have any idea how. We looked it up but the Almanac had the exact steps to get the job done. We could have used that.

The Almanac is not just about animals, however. There ae articles on topical things like The Presidency with quick facts about every president and some stories about a few of them and the practical jokes they have played. There is also serious information on Civil Rights, Women and voting and much more. There is a bunch of pages on the countries of the world with facts about each of them and then small quick extra facts that I think kids will find very interesting. So much is packed into the 352 pages. If you are thinking about a kid in your life who is curious about the world around them then this is a great gift for Christmas. If you are interested in picking it up please consider using our affiliate link below.

Kids Almanac 2021

National Geographic Kids Almanac 2021 – (ages 8-12, paperback, $14.99, 352 pgs)
– The latest installment of the New York Times best-selling almanac features amazing animal stories, explorer profiles, and outrageous attractions that kids know and love, plus more of the incredible inventions, awesome games, and fresh challenges for curious kids who want to learn all about the world and everything that’s in it!. Tons of fun facts, crafts, activities, and fascinating features about animals, science, nature, technology, conservation, and more is why this is the number one selling kids almanac on the planet. There’s a whole chapter full of fun and games, including activities, jokes, and comics and the colorful compilation also includes an Almanac Challenge 2021 — which inspires kids to reduce their plastic waste and encourage others to do the same.