Rocking Ring Fit Adventure World 5

Ring Fit World 5

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00375

Nintendo sent me a free copy of their Ring Fit Adventure for me to try out and complete through a few months of challenges. Opinions are my own.

This time around I had to complete World 5 which is a longer World than the previous ones. I worked through it over the course of a week so that today I could do the final stage which was the fight with the Body Building Dragon, Dragaux. Playing the game all week long has been fun. For past Worlds I would play every couple of days but because this world was much longer I had to get caught up so that today I could complete the quest. We have deadlines from Nintendo in order to complete parts of the journey. If we do so then we earn prizes and there are some really fun ones to earn. I am very excited to see what the mystery game we can win will be. But before I get to that I need to complete Worlds Six and Seven. I also have to complete World 3 100% as I am missing one special mission that a villager has to give me. The game is part adventure and part exercise. You have to perform certain exercises in order to complete the adventure.