Roadblocks and Roadbuster

Photo-a-Day #1767

I have many projects in the works and when that happens I can easily start self sabotage. Perceived roadblocks pop up many times from our own minds. I have been working very hard to make a name for myself as a blogger worth knowing. I’m also working hard to be a blog consultant that people want to work with. I haven’t said much about a couple of my projects because I’ve been keeping them on the back burner but they are now ready for prime time.

I’m now offering my services as a blog consultant. I put together my packages for services and have published it on this blog. You can see that as part of my links above.

I’ve also created a course using Prfessor. The course is called Personal Branding 101. There are a few people who have already signed up for the course and I’ve gotten good feedback from it so far. I’d like to be able to offer people the option to be an affiliate but that hasn’t been built into the service yet. I hear it is coming and hope that is soon.

I wrote a few guest posts today. I’m a new writer for Blogging Tips and my first post went up today. The post, THINK YOU HAVE NOTHING TO SAY, THINK AGAIN, is my response to everyone who tells me that they have nothing to blog about. I also wrote a guest post for The Coach Shoppe titled Give Yourself Permission to Fail.

My day started with roadblocks and ended with Roadbuster, the Transformer (or a homage to the original Roadbuster Transformer). Roadblocks will pop up either from the inside or from outside forces. You either have to find a way to go around them, over them, under them or bust right through them.