Saint Patrick’s Day 2023

Our meal
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01535

We had a very nice Saint Patrick’s Day today. The kids and Allison had a day off from school so they were able to enjoy being home and doing a few things for fun. Andy helped Allison make some Irish soda bread and play with some friends. Eva got to make some videos and have a visit with Auntie Tara. I came home from the Cape this morning and got home in time to enjoy bagels with everyone. I took a nap around the time that Tara was heading to the Cape.

Andy has green

Our dinner was very nice. Eva teased Andy about not wearing any green and Andy went up and put on everything great that they have.

one of two drinks a year

I enjoyed one of my two drinks of the year with some Guinness in a special glass. I can’t recall when I last drank from this glass either. After dinner I worked from home and it was an eventful night with a down to the wire project with one of our sites. I don’t think I’d like that to happen again, too stressful.