Sanyo Announces new HD Waterproof Cameras

I’ve already got a Sanyo EC1 waterproof digital camera but now Sanyo has gone and made some even better ones. I’m salivating over here. These would be perfect for the next season of Wired Kayaker podcasts. Click the image to read all about these cameras. If you can’t wait till the new ones arrive you might want to check out these existing models from Sanyo.

22 thoughts on “Sanyo Announces new HD Waterproof Cameras”

  1. My experience with underwater cameras in the past has not been good. I purchased one just for snorkeling and expected a drasticallly improved photo, but found that the cheap disposable underwater cameras were just as good (or poor as it may be).

    Kayak Escapes last blog post..Kayak Tips

  2. Kayak Escape,
    If you are doing actual underwater photography then these probably wouldn’t be the best for you but if you were kayaking and wanted to mount one to your kayak and not have to worry about it getting damaged from the water then these are perfect solutions.

  3. thanks for the article.
    in Greece, the competition is not so advanced and when a product first arrives, it costs much more money compared to the rest of Europe and USA.

    for now, i will keep on borrowing my mates camera when i do kayak in northern Greece 🙂

  4. Hi Greek,
    If it works for you then borrowing is a good alternative. I most likely will not be getting one of these until they drop in price.

  5. Something I’ve never really though about using but looking at your article it seems that it’s something I would seriously consider buying. I’ll definately take a look into these.

  6. These look awesome, I’m in the market for a new HD camera but I wonder if the waterproof ones have all the features that a “normal” camcorder has. Do they have a comparison between these and some other non-waterproof models anywhere that you know of?

  7. Sharon,
    I’m not sure about a comparison. You can check out Cnet or other camera sites for that. I think the non waterproof and the waterproof for Sanyo offer the same features however.

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