Saturday Photo-Hunters: Art 06/02/07

Artistic Penguin

This week’s theme for Saturday Photo Hunters is ART. I went on a trip to The Tulsa Zoo last August and took a photo of this Penguin, I guess there were tons of penguins all over the city that were done by local artists.

Where I live in Massachusetts there was an art project called the Whale Trail and there were different Whales all over the Cape. Here is a bonus art picture from the Whale Trail.

Whale Trail
And another one
Whale Trail
And another one
Whale Trail
And one from The Calves of Putnam.
Calves of Putnam
I also saw one of the Snoopy ones in the MSP airport.

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36 thoughts on “Saturday Photo-Hunters: Art 06/02/07”

  1. I love that penguin!

    We had a “Whale Trail” down here in Connecticut, too. I wonder if it extended all the way to the Cape? One of the whales is in front of the Marina that the owner of the company that I work for also owns, it’s red-white-and-blue which goes with the company’s name – American!

  2. What great penguins! My brother collects them… I know, a strange hobby. Great pictures for the theme. In one town along the Mississippi coast, they painted all the fire hydrants to look like dogs of one type or another. Very cool art indeed.

  3. I love that whale. That is so cool. And that penguin totally cracks me up. I don’t know why. Art isn’t probably supposed to make you giggle, but that one does.

  4. Srp,
    I love hearing about other places that have had their own artist themes. There are the cows, Snoopys, Fire Hydrants and alligators, and whales, so many great ideas.

  5. Hi Margaret, there were calfs in Putman CT too and I have a photo of one of those. Thanks for coming by and commenting.

  6. I think the Whale trail may be a moving exhibit. There were pods here on the Cape and they were in all the towns, I wonder is they migrated south this year?

  7. Nicole,
    I don’t know I think art can make one giggle. Comedy is an art form and if someone doesn’t giggle at that it probably isn’t such a good artist. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

  8. Hi Amy, I would love to see those alligators in Florida, do you have any on your blog? Do you have a link to info on the art project? Thanks for dropping by.

  9. Thanks Bridget. And thanks for dropping back by, glad to see repeat visitors along with all the new ones. Welcome everyone.

  10. Awesome pictures, we saw unicorns in the outerbanks, they did horses up near us and I’ve seen cows as well. I think its so neat!

  11. Unicorns, that is one I hadn’t heard of yet. I think I need to search on all these art projects and compile a list of all the websites. Those are such great expressions of artistic talent. Thanks for stopping by and commenting dirkey.

  12. Thanks Daisy, There were a bunch of them around but I only got that one and the conductor that was also at the zoo. If you click the picture you can see all my zoo shots from that trip.

  13. Thanks Rach, gad you came back by for a visit. I though that this was a really interesting take on the art project out of all the penguins.

  14. Drew –

    Yup I knew about the calves – but most are gone now, only one or two remain in Putnam. The year they did them, there were close to 25 (they auctioned them off). We took the girls and did a sort of scavenger hunt looking for them.

    When I drove through Okemo, VT they had Llamas up just like the Calves and Whales. I think I have a few pictures of those as well.

  15. I added the calf that I found in Putnam back in May of 2005. One of my very first Photo-A-Day shots. I also added a few more whales and a snoopy to the post.

    Llamas you say, I have to check those out.

  16. Hi Autumn, thanks for dropping by, I added a few more pieces since you last visited, some other whales and a calf and Snoopy.

  17. Thanks for the comment Crystal, do you have any links for the dolphin statues? I’d like to see what those look like.

  18. Thanks there MamaBearJune,

    I’ve wanted to get a demo down in San Antonio so I could visit that location. Maybe someday. Thanks for the visit and the comment.

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