Senator Arlen Specter, Going after the real threat…

There are so many threats to the United States of America. The failing economy, terrorists on every street corner, increased global warming. I am glad that someone is actually going after a ‘real’ threat. That man is Senator Arlen Specter. And he is going after our country’s biggest threat… The New England Patriots.

Someone vote this jackass out of office and put in someone who is going to spend our tax dollars on actual problems. Football is a game, and cheating is not something worthy of a Senate investigation. What Coach Belichek got caught doing was breaking the rules, not something illegal or harmful. It is also something that up until the 2006 season was not against the rules. When I see a Senator so misinformed about something so petty I wonder about his actual effectiveness on issues that actually matter.

If anything, this matter should be handled by the NFL. Oh wait, this has been handled already by the NFL.

Video from The Daily Show.

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  2. I agree, Drew. Between being at war, a troubled economy, and a million other things that need government attention, they should not be wasting their time on something like this. Glad to know how our taxes help pay this guy’s salary (NOT!).

    This is even more ridiculous than the baseball steroid scandal. Yes, HGH and all are illegal, but shouldn’t this be a matter for the police and not Congress? I mean, when ballplayers get caught snorting coke or something, it’s always a police matter. To me, an illegal drug is an illegal drug, and should be handled as such.

    The thing is, if all of the Eagles fans down in Philly hate the Pats as much as the New York fans do, they’ll vote Specter in again, just so he can bring the Pats down. A stupid reason to vote for someone if I ever heard one, but that’s how some people are.

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  3. If it wasn’t so sad it would be laughable. But given the state of our country and world right now these things make absolutely no sense.

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