Site: TV Tonic

I watched a Scoble Show podcast a while back about a pretty cool technology program for your windows Media Center PC. The show was about TV Tonic. This is a free channel that you can add to your Media Center PC.

Basically what TV Tonic does is presents you with many channels of Internet video. There is Tech Tonic showing the best of the tech related Podcasts that are on the web. You can subscribe to any podcast that has an RSS feed so that you can watch this channel on demand online or off. The interface was created to act like television so there is no loading of each new podcast, it has been loaded up and transfers seamlessly for your viewing pleasure.

You can also look through the channels that TV Tonic already has and choose the ones you want to see and subscribe to, so you don;t have to go to a bunch of blogs or podcast websites to find the ones you want to watch. Ads play between the videos and using TV tonic is absolutely free to you. Watch the podcast for more detailed information. Once I get my Media Center PC hooked to the TV in the living room I will be downloading TV Tonic.