Skylanders Double Trouble and Cynder Found

Photo-A-Day #2508

I woke up today to find out that Allison and Eva had gone to Target and while they were there they found two new Skylanders. They found the witch doctor Double Trouble and the dragon Cynder. So we are now up to 24 Skylanders characters with eight left to find to complete our set. At this point there are 32 characters to collect and this fall when the next game comes out there will be about 20 or more new characters.

Now with new characters the challenge is to level them up so that they can use all of their abilities. I’ve found a quick way to do this. You can buy upgrades with gold coins. If you have the Pirate Adventure set that has the dragon treasure chest. There is a little glitch in the game that works to the advantage of the player. If you have the dragon treasure chest on your portal and you talk to characters in the ruins it resets the dragon treasure chest. You can do this over and over and get a ton of coins so that you can upgrade your character.

The other thing that I do is I take the character and make them play the much higher levels so that they level up quickly. Another nice thing is that with each new character there is a new heroic challenge to play. If each character does each heroic challenge then they can dramatically improve their stats. I’ve completed 22 challenges for at least one character and a once we get all 32 characters and finish all 32 heroic challenges then the characters we have will be completely ready to compete in the Skylanders Giants game coming out this Fall.

Eva was so excited to tell me about these characters. We even played about 10 minutes before I had to go to work and the characters are pretty cool. They look great and their powers are decent too.

I wonder if Skylanders will come out for the Playstation Vita? I’ll ask tomorrow when Eva and I go to test one out at a Blogger event with the Playstation Vita!

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