Soda Club Contest is heating up…

Now that the voting has been going on since Monday, BenSpark’s Refreshing Soda-Club Contest has been heating up the Web. People who are in the competition have been enlisting the help of friends, family and tons of other bloggers. As I scour my stats I found some great posts from our competitors. This has been overwhelming awesome. Thanks so much to everyone who entered the contest and to everyone who has been voting for and promoting the entrants. Here are some cool things I have found so far. I put everyone in order of their standings. The number next to the name is the number of votes that each person has at the time of this post.

(175) Jay – Jay is currently in the First Place. He is getting the word out all over. Here are some images that he created to help get the word out.

Jay’s Ad
Another one

I have found these posts relating to voting for Jay.
Jay’s Main Blog Welcome Page – All about the vote.
Surprise, Surprise !! – An update on Jay’s Standings.
Soda-Club Contest Started, Please Vote For Me…. – Jay’s first initial vote message.

(156) Joana – She has made some great graphics to promote the contest.

Vote for Joana Image

Help Me Win – Please Vote for Me! – Joana’s initial call for votes.
Announcement: On My Hands and Knees Here is one post to encourage people to vote on ScuttleButt Pipeline.

(98) Not Martha – She has made another great image for voting.

Not Martha

Vote for me in Benspark’s Refreshing Soda Club Contest! – Not Martha’s initial vote message
Vote Not Martha! – Crumleydotorg – A request for votes for Not Martha
vote for me in BenSparks refreshing Soda Club contest – A request from Thoughts out of my head.
Campaign 2007: Vote for Not Martha – A post requesting votes on Musings

(53) Christine – Christine has enlisted the aid of fellow bloggers. She has also written up her own posts asking for votes.
Vote early, vote often! – Christine’s initial request for votes.
Is YOUR arm 37 inches long? – Christine blogs about her new XShot and the Soda-Club, good job.
Shameless self-promotion… – Posted on Christine’s Tales from the BallPark
Must feed the horde
Do me a huge favor? – Posted on My Single Mom Life.
I Need A Big, Big Favor – Posted on Army Mom: New Jersey

(53) Autumn – Autumn is giving out linky love for votes.
Vote for Autumn and get some linky love – Autumn’s initial call for voting help.
Lisa Voted for Me…You Should Too! – A post for Lisa who voted for Autumn
I could still really use your help. – Autumn’s second Call for Votes
Vote for Autumn and get some linky love – On Autumn Indigo

(15) Stephen – You are ahead of Scott but you’ll never get that beef bullion flavored soda unless you get some votes my friend.

(1) Scott – Scott my friend you have one vote. I am surprised.

Hopefully I haven’t missed any of the posts that are out there. I love what you guys are doing to promote yourselves and the contest. This has been very exciting for me and I hope it has been for you too. Stay tuned for the next Contest that I have in the works. That will be coming in July.

2 thoughts on “Soda Club Contest is heating up…”

  1. Thanks again Drew, for hosting a very exciting contest. I have had a blast so far, and can’t wait until the final days, because I know this is going to be a tight race. Good luck to everyone. I Gotta go get more votes..

  2. I agree, this is going to be close, but then that’s what makes it all that much more fun! Thank you for hosting this contest Drew, and for everyone competing in it as well. 🙂 Best of luck ya’all!

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