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Voting is now Over – The Winner has been announced.

The time for entries into BenSpark’s Refreshing Soda Club Contest has come to an end. And after the two week period I have Seven great contestants in the Soda Club Contest. They have taken the time to submit a 200 word (and in most times many more than 200) post about why they should have a brand new Soda-Club Home Soda Maker. The contestants were:

And now You can vote for them, once a day, every day. Voting is open until 8:00pm June 29th. Voting is now complete the results are in.

Look for the Voting box at the top Right Sidebar. Directly under this graphic.

Soda-Club Vote Button

If you were unable to get an entry in to the contest or you did not win this time you can still get some great deals at Soda-Club for some of their great products.

17 thoughts on “Vote for your favorite…”

  1. I MISSED IT!! I had the worst time with the internet this weekened. It was BE on QVC – and I think I made it crash!! Haaaa! Oh well, I wish all the good non-slackers luck!!!

  2. I just realized voting ends on the day we are moving! LOL ~ I’ll have to check the results from my laptop when we take a lunch break or something!

  3. I wanted to wish everyone good luck. There some great posts, and I have my work cut out for me. Feel free to Vote for me, 🙂 worth a try. lol.

  4. Yes Mo, you missed it, I think I need to add you to my “We’re in a fight List”. I hope you blog about the contest and drive some folks here to vote.

  5. Aren’t they all great entries, I like them all but cannot vote, it just wouldn’t be fair to sway judgment in any way.

  6. The only way to help someone win is to vote. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, remember everyone to vote for their favorite every day.

  7. Is there a way to look at the stats of each vote? I feel that there may have an IP masker/proxies, which would have swayed the votes.

  8. Maria,

    Unfortunately I cannot. I would hate to have anyone cheating and really don’t think that anyone is. The top runners have been tops and close the whole race. I certainly don’t suspect any nefarious or unfair dealings. I just hope that folks are having a good time and voting for their favorites. I do know that many people are out there promoting themselves and the contest and that has been driving in votes, and that is what I wanted to happen in this contest. Thank you for dropping by and commenting.

  9. Unfortunately, I think people are cheating. Two people went up by almost 100 votes in less than 12 or 10 hours. That is almost impossible. I think you should definitely investigate how exactly they got that many votes.

  10. A last push for votes can certainly get votes higher. When I was in a contest I posted asking for help on every message board and blog that I was a part of, the votes rolled in. It can happen. I will not go accusing anyone of cheating. I cannot prove it nor do I suspect it. Again, I have been watching all of the promotion posts that our competitors have been putting up. Folks are really marketing themselves and their desire to win. I cannot find fault in that. I will try and put things in place before the next contest to prevent anyone from getting ideas about doing the things you suggested are being done. I do not suspect anyone if anything that they shouldn’t be doing.

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