Sundays at 5pm

Sacred Heart Church
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00321

We changed up when we go to church now. When the parishes changed their times we figured that the only option was still Sunday mornings, but now they were at 8am at Saint Mark’s. While I had no aversion to going to St. Mark’s it just wasn’t Sacred Heart which has been our home and was actually across the street from my home growing up. So, once the Summer was over we were able to go back to Sacred Heart. It is a different time for everyone to come to Mass but it looks to be working out so far and we enjoy being back.

It is good too because I learned that the 3 churches will be starting up a Youth Group and I would like to help out as a volunteer for that. In college I had studied Youth Ministry at a local retreat house called Emmaus House and was very near to getting certified as a Youth Minister. I stopped because of my studies and other reasons but I think it is time to put that knowledge to use to help out our parishes and kids.