Suspicious Activity

Suspicious Activity
Photo-A-Day #1298

Yeah those kids are suspects in some smash and grabs in our company parking lot. Another guy was found in the swampland marshland behind the office building. One of my co-workers ran outside to “help with a police investigation”. He saw the guy in the woods from the 4th floor and ran out to help the police and our operations crew find the guy. Meanwhile, we watched as three very out of place kids were detained by the police. A very exciting day in an otherwise humdrum office.

What is more exciting than watching a guy get caught red handed is the amount of great Ultimate Fry Sauce Recipes that I have gotten. Today I got two more of them. I am nearing my 10 recipe cut off and am busy preparing for the Ultimate Fry Sauce Recipe Contest judging event. I am planning it for this Saturday evening and it should be a fun time. I will of course be recording a video to be played with the announcement of the winner of the contest.

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