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New Kitchen Command Center

Photo-A-Day #2330

This morning my father came over and helped us out by cutting some holes through the shelves of the corner unit. This is where I put the tiny TV, Computer, Monitor, Modem, Router, Seagate Home and Seagate Net. With all those devices there are a ton of wires and who wants to look at a ton of wires. This way everything is in place and out of sight. Continue reading New Kitchen Command Center

Bright Lights, Big City, Small World

Photo-A-Day #2328

Today was the second day of Affiliate Summit. I didn’t even mention that in last night’s post that I was at Affiliate Summit 2011. did I? Well I was. I took the train down into Penn Station. A friend of ours, who is a nun, in New York likes to say “And lead us not into Penn Station”. I like funny nuns. This photo is actually on the 7th Ave side of Penn Station looking North. I hasd plenty of time to wander around because my train had a close to 2 hour delay. But you know the great thing about the train, I could leave the station and come back when I wanted to. Train beats plane hands down. I love the train. Continue reading Bright Lights, Big City, Small World