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I am now a ShutterCal Affiliate

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For the past three years I’ve been working with ShutterCal for my primary Photo-A-Day hosting. I post my Photo-A-Day photo on ShutterCal every day and have it embedded on this blog as well. The first year I did this as a collaboration with ShutterCal to get the word out about their free service. ShutterCal continued to innovate over the past three years to add new and exciting service. These are services that you pay for. My absolute favorite service is the ShutterCal shoebox. I received a free shoebox for my 2010’s Photo-A-Day photos. I liked it so much that I signed up for a subscription for 2011 and 2012. I also intend to upload all previous years going back to 2005 and the start of Photo-A-Day to get shoeboxes for each of those years.

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Zac Johnson’s Six Figure Affiliate Blogging ebook

You may or may not know that I am writing blog posts for two of Zac Johnson’s blogging properties. I write for Blogging Tips.com and Royal Tutorial.com. I get paid to write posts each week. Zac is very, very smart, he must be to hire writers and get great content for some of his properties. And he’s certainly earning a ton from those properties. He’s the real deal.

Zac knows a ton about how to be a big money blogger. He’s been doing it so well for such a long time. He’s one of the top guys out there making money online. Now he’s sharing his secrets with you, for free. You can download his new ebook Six Figure Affiliate Blogging and learn what he already knows.

In the book Zac interviews more of the top people in the online money making field. Guys like John Chow, Shoemoney and Brian Clark. Download your own copy today.