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Amazon Delivery is Lacking

Amazon Delivery
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00087

While I should be talking about my earning my Krav Maga yellow belt but tonight before going to bed I was putting out the Ring Video Doorbell that I had recently recharged. I looked at the front gate and saw a package. It was a package from Amazon.com. It was simply placed over the fence in the yard. I have had a problem with these deliveries in the past. In the last snowfall a package was simply tossed over the fence on top of the snow instead of being delivered to the back porch as I have added to my profile several times.

When this happened the first time I took a photo and posted to Amazon. I eventually got a chat with the customer service department and they added to my profile the fact that I want all deliveries to the back porch. And for the next couple of deliveries things went to the right spot. Even today I got one delivery to the back door and then there were two packages placed over the fence. Pretty close to where anyone could see them and grab them. I didn’t see these until 11pm and so I went online and ended up getting on a phone call with a customer service person. Once again I stressed how the back porch is where deliveries should go. I’m so close to camping out on the front porch on a day when a delivery is expected.

On top of just dropping these over the fence the orders page states that the delivery was handed directly to the resident. Nope, that did not happen. think that annoyed me the most.

At Last, Star Wars

At Last Star Wars
Photo-A-Day #3793

With today being the last day before Eva and Allison return to school on which I was not working we decided to have a family fun day that included a few things. First we went to Chuck E. Cheese’s for lunch and a couple of hours of play. I do enjoy going there because we have a good time and the pizza is enjoyable. I get to play a few racing games and get to see the excitement in the kids faces when they win tickets. Andrew is still thrilled to win one or two and Eva is starting to get more skilled. Allison excels at Skee Ball and she brought in a bunch of tickets for the kids. I get the tickets by buying the deals and then taking online surveys. sure the kids win cheap plastic crap but they have fun doing it.

Later that night we watched Star Wars for the first time ever. Eva has seen Star Wars Rebels before but she has never seen Star Wars the movie. I had purchased the Digital Movie pack with all six movies but a strange thing about that is that you can only watch A New Hope through the Google Play app and there was no way for me to get it on the TV. I wonder if having a Chromecast device would make that possible. Well, I tried several different ways to get the movie and then just bit the bullet and bought it through amazon.com so we could watch it whenever on many devices.

Eva did a good job with the movie. There were a ton of things that she noticed from watching Star Wars Rebels. She decided that Darth Vader wasn’t as scary as she had thought or made him out to be. she was glad that she watched the movie and now she wants to watch Empire. I’m more than happy to watch the movies with her and the order in which we will do things will be Movies 4-6, 1-2, the Clone Wars, 3 and then when she is older, 7.