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A Desk Flock of Angry Birds

Photo-A-Day #3529

This weekend I moved my desk at work. This means that all the toys needed to be set up again. I have my monitor directly in front of me on a little platform. I decided that it was a good spot to put all of my Angry Birds Telepods. If I ever get a chance to play any of the games anytime soon the figures are right there for me to pick up and use.

I’m not at all thrilled with my new move.

Review – Angry Birds Go Telepods – Pig Rock Raceway

Assembling the Pig Rock Raceway

We received an Angry birds Go! Telepods Pig Rock Raceway Set to play with and review. Opinions of this toy are 100% our own.

The mash up of real world toys and virtual ones continues with a whole new Angry Birds series called Angry Birds Go!. In this iteration of the popular franchise the birds are back and they are behind the wheel driving some crazy cool karts. The igs are back as well and they also get to drive some fun karts. Continue reading Review – Angry Birds Go Telepods – Pig Rock Raceway