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Little Baby Bunny

Little baby bunny
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01676

I was leaving for work tonight and saw the smallest bunny I had ever seen. I don’t even know if this photo does it justice as far as how small it was, but those are leaves from teh rhododendron bushes next to it and they couldn’t have been much bigger than those.

Aeromax’s My 1st Career Gear Review – Zookeeper

Photo-A-Day #2915

Eva and I received an Aeromax My 1st Career Gear Zookeeper outfit to try out and review (Opinions are 100% our own). We live around the corner from a zoo. Capron Park Zoo is our favorite zoo to visit and Eva is an expert on all the animals in the zoo. We finally had a nice day to go and visit the zoo so Eva got into her Aeromax zookeeper outfit and took me on a tour of the entire zoo. I made a video of our adventure.

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