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Wolfwalkers Direct-To-Draw Event and Movie Review

The Kids Drawings
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00705

Apple TV + invited us to screen the upcoming movie Wolfwalkers and have a drawing event for the kids for which they provided a box of goodies for free. Opinions are our own.

On December 11th a truly beautiful movie is coming to Apple TV+ on December 11, 2020. The movie is about a young girl named Robyn who wants to be a wolf hunter like her father until she meets a Wolfwalker and her life is changed forever. the movie is set in Ireland and is a hand drawn animation movie that is visually astounding. The voice talent is fantastic including Sean Bean. The movie was created at Cartoon Saloon, an Irish animation film and television studio based in Kilkenny, Ireland. The movie was directed by Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart with art direction from Maria Pareja.

Our direct to draw event was attended by other blogger families and we were able to talk with and ask questions of filmmakers Tomm Moore (Director) and Ross Stewart (Director) as well as Maria Pareja (Art Director), and Grainne Fordham (Layout Artist). We were provided with links to download some drawing model sheets on the characters so that the kids could look at those and get ideas on how to draw the characters. We watched as the characters and backgrounds were drawn and learned about the style and inspiration.

Wolfwalkers drawing kits

I printed out all of the character sheets and put them out with the box that Apple TV+ sent to us.

Opened Wolfwalker Kit

The kit contained some great surprises for the kids including a graphic novel of the movie that is on thick glossy paper and has the beautiful art from the movie. There were also a couple of journals, some colored pencils for each of the kids, Two Wolfwalkers Activity Pages, paintable cookies, town tasties (chocolate chip banana bread) and also little leaves that have seeds embedded in them that we can plant to get wildflowers this Spring. The movie has themes on caring for the nature around us instead of trying to dominate it. Other themes include learning about differences and celebrating them.

I worked last night so I woke up moments before the event set everything up and sat on the couch with the kids as they started drawing.

Set Up for WolfWalker

The kids really enjoyed learning more about the movie and seeing other kids on the event call who asked questions. We had to change up our question because it was asked already when it got to us but we were able to roll with it.

Kids Drawing

This event made the movie even more enjoyable for us and we are looking forward to watching it again when it comes to Apple TV+ this Friday. Don’t miss it and make sure that you have some drawing materials handy because your kids may become inspired.

Mebh Cookies

And do not forget to have some town tasties on hand either!

Don’t Miss the FAST & FURIOUS: SPY RACERS Series Debut December 26th on Netflix


I am a fan of the FAST & FURIOUS movie franchise. This super fast, super flashy and super stunt filled set of movies is now getting a version for the younger crowd. A new series on NEtflix is set to debut on December 26th, FAST & FURIOUS: SPY RACERS. This animated series follows the cousin of Dom Torreto, Tony Torreto. One can only hope that in at least one episode Vin Diesel will grant his gravelly voice to the character of Dom and seal this series as complete canon into the world of FAST & FURIOUS. It would be so perfect if he did. Plus he would be working with his daughter Similce Diesel. There are so many people who could guest star in an episode and work with the kids. Check out the trailer below and see what the action looks like.

I hope that we see the theme of family within this series. Family is everything was a huge part of the FAST & FURIOUS movies. I am pretty sure that Dreamworks will do this right and make family of central importance.

2 Echo, Frostee, CiscoHere’s some official word on the show and what it will be all about. Also, I should be getting some screeners to check out the show early and will be posting my thoughts for you.

Tony jump

“The exciting adventure series for kids features the voice talents of Tyler Posey (​Teen Wolf​) as Dom’s younger cousin turned spy racer Tony Toretto, Camille Ramsey (​American Vandal)​ as the formidable Layla Gray, a notable underground racer who works for SH1FT3R, Luke Youngblood (​Harry Potter​) as Frostee Benson, a 13-year old tech genius, Charlet Chung (​Overwatch​) as Echo, a master artist and natural spy, Jorge Diaz (​Jane the Virgin)​ as Cisco Renaldo, both the muscle and the sweetheart of the crew, Renée Elise Goldsberry​ (​Hamilton)​ as the team’s secret agent liaison Ms. Nowhere, Similce Diesel as Frostee’s younger sister Sissy, and Manish Dayal (​The Resident)​ as Shashi Dhar, the world-domination-obsessed leader of the criminal organization SH1FT3R.

Jimmy Tatro (​American Vandal)​, Carlos Alazraqui (​The Fairly OddParents)​ , Eric Bauza (​The Adventures of Puss in Boots)​, Grey Griffin (​DC Super Hero Girls)​, Kevin Michael Richardson (​Trolls: The Beat Goes On!​), Fred Tatasciore (​Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia​), and Tru Valentino (​Archibald’s Next Big Thing​) also guest star.”


Join the ride when ​Fast & Furious: Spy Racers​ arrives on Netflix December 26!

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About the Fast & Furious Franchise:
Over the course of nine films that have successively stoked passion in an ever-expanding audience and earned nearly $6 billion at the worldwide box office, Universal Pictures’ record-smashing homegrown franchise has become the studio’s most-profitable and longest-running one. Across social media platforms, fan following for the movies and cast has grown into the biggest of any active franchise. On the heels of The Fate of the Furious, which debuted in theaters as the biggest global opening of all time, the blockbuster franchise has expanded to a multitude of offerings – from toys and video games, to an all-new animated series and successfully launched spin-off franchise. The Ninth Chapter in the Fast & Furious saga hits U.S. theaters May 22, 2020.

About DreamWorks Animation:
DreamWorks Animation is one of the world’s leading producers of high-quality, animated family programming, reaching consumers in more than 190 countries. Creating a diverse array of original content in a variety of formats and delivering deep, fully immersive worlds served up with compelling characters, the prolific studio has garnered 25 EmmyⓇAwards since inception in 2013 and is home to such beloved series as Trollhunters, Spirit Riding Free, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, The Boss Baby: Back in Business, Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny, Voltron Legendary Defender, The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants, Dragons: Race to the Edge, All Hail King Julien, The Adventures of Puss in Boots and the recently released 3Below. DreamWorks is a division of the Universal Filmed Entertainment Group within NBCUniversal, a subsidiary of Comcast Corporation.

About One Race Films / One Race TV
One Race Films, founded in 1995 by writer, director, producer and actor Vin Diesel, has produced the five highest-grossing films in the “Fast” franchise — “Fate of the Furious,” “Furious 7,” “Fast and Furious 6,” “Fast Five” as well as “Fast & Furious.” He has directed “Multifacial,” “Strays” and “Los Bandoleros.” This February, Sony will release the ORF produced Bloodshot, also starring Diesel, and has previously launched multiple franchises in the action genre, including the science-fiction thriller “Pitch Black” and the two follow-up films, “Chronicles of Riddick” ​and “Riddick,” along with the hit “xXx” franchise. In addition to a thriving film production company, ORF launched One Race Television and gaming company Tigon Studios. ORTV has a first-look deal with Universal Television and is currently developing projects with NBC and Fox and in production with DreamWorks Animation on the Netflix original series “Fast & Furious: Spy Racers.” Tigon Studios has produced three critically acclaimed console titles including “Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay” and original property “The Wheelman.”