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Eva’s Dance Productions Recital 2018

Eva - Dance Productions Recital  2018

Today was Eva’s seventh Dance Productions Recital. She has really come a long way in her lifetime as a dancer. Her confidence and poise has increased as has her skill.

The recital today was the 10th anniversary of Dance Productions and it was a nice celebration. We were joined by Mom and Dad and today was their 45th wedding anniversary. They celebrated with a dinner out to the Blackington Inn.

We went out to House of Fortune because that was Eva’s choice and eating there after the recital has become a bit of a yearly tradition. Dinner was great and then we came home so I could get a couple of hours of sleep before heading to work.

Eva’s 2016 Dance Recital

A Love of Ballet
Photo-A-Day #4078

Today was Eva’s Dance Recital. It was an excellent program. We thought for some reason that the show was at 2pm. That would have been pretty good for me to get some sleep but it was actually at 1pm. So I got home early, slept from 8am – 9:30am and when I awoke I thought that I had slept an entire day. I couldn’t get back to sleep until about 10:30am and was woken by Allison at 12pm. I took a shower and headed over to the recital.

Eva did an excellent job in her two programs. She takes both Ballet and Hip Hop. She looked equally happy performing both dance routines. She is so graceful as she does ballet and exudes a joyful attitude when she does her hip hop routines. I have a few photos from the day which also included the family celebrating birthdays at House of Fortune.

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