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Breakfast On The Cape

Whipped Cream Pancake taco
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01688

This morning Andy wanted to make breakfast for everyone. However, they wanted to take everyone’s orders and make individual styled breakfasts. Last night I took Andy to Shaws and we bought everything that they would need to make a very big breakfast. We got bacon, ham, and sausage. We also got two types of cheese and a whole bunch of fruit.

This morning I helped out by making all the pancakes and putting them in the oven to stay warm. I tried many times to explain to Andy that breakfasts to order wasn’t going to work very well because you want everyone to have their meals at the same time and have everything hot and ready. Andy is very much in their own head about things and wanted it to work a certain way. Andy made a menu and had their cousins take orders. I tried to mitigate any possible breakdowns by taking care of bacon, pancakes and sausage. Andy did the eggs and Andy and Dylan made the fruit salad.

Overall things went fairly well. Most of the food was hot but Allison did end up with an egg sandwich on cold untoasted bread because Andy does not like toast. I already had a bunch of other things going on at the same time so I missed that. When Andy got bored with everything and went to eat I made myself my own eggs and made a pancake sandwich. Andy made a pancake taco filed with whipped cream. We never took out the ham.

First Omelet – Big Appetite

First Omelet

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00417

Andrew enjoyed his very first Omelet today. We were going to try and go to a donut shop this morning but when we got there we discovered that it will not be open until March 7th despite what it said online. I guess if you don’t update things online then they will not be correct in the real world. I had wished that it would be open since it has chocolate oreo donuts. I wanted to try them out.

So, we made a good thing out of a disappointment. We went and tried out a place called KP Grill. While we were there Andrew had his very first Omelet. He’s been asking for one a couple times now and we figured that this time he could tr it. He went with bacon and cheese. Eva and I tried their Breakfast BLT wraps and while I wasn’t quite sure I would enjoy them I did take a chance. I found it to worked well. It was a good breakfast find.