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Do Not Touch

Do Not Touch
Photo-A-Day #1250

Today Allison and I took Eva to Butterfly World. We went there once before in July of 2007. We also bought and 2 Annual Memberships. I would have liked it if they sold a family membership. But if we go two or three times while we are here it pretty much pays for itself. Also for the next year if we visit again we can go there for another trip. The regular price of admission is $21.95. So for two of us it would be $40.00. The annual price is $40.00 each so if we go three times we’ve made out on the deal. I love going there because of the photos I can get while I walk around the place. Some of my favorite shots ever came from Butterfly World.

We’ll probably go again tomorrow or maybe next week. The problem today was that there was a fair amount of wind and the butterflies were just trying not to get blown away. It makes it very tough to get some macro shots with my telephoto/macro lens. I did get a cool video of Allison and Eva feeding the Lorikeets. The flowers were not in bloom like there were in July but there were certainly some nice one. We’ll have to figure out what the best time of the year we should go there.

The title of today’s post, well that was inspired by this shot.

Read The Sign

Today was an interesting one for me. When I signed on this morning to write up my review of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles there was a message from WOM World / Nokia for me regarding being one of the Nokia Productions Winners. I was pretty excited. I also saved a bunch of money today too. I was looking at my reservations for IZEAFest, Car and Hotel. I saw that for some reason I booked two hotel rooms from the 10th-14th. Well we weren’t heading up there till the 11th. So I changed the dates on both rooms and got back 16,000 Marriott points. I then looked at the car rental and made some adjustments to the hours and upgraded the size of the car and still ended up saving $35. Also, because I am going to Las Vegas for Blog World Expo and I am leaving directly from Florida and returning home on the contest I won I would not need the return trip that I booked on Southwest. I canceled that and recouped a credit for $104.00. I’d say it was a productive day. I also have to attribute such productivity to Remember The Milk. I’ve been banginig out all sorts of tasks using that service.