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Barely a Sprinkle

Photo-A-Day #3334

It was a nice day for sleeping today. It was cool and it had rained so there were drops of water all over the flowers. When we got home from Church I took a photo of the Rhododendron. When I was processing my photos I saw that last year on almost the exact same day I took a photo of a Rhododendron flower. I’ve noticed that I have done this a couple of times. The same subjects around the same time of year.

I was coming home from work this morning and on Sundays I pass by a pond. Today there was mist rising from the pond and a solo canoeist was out on the water. I saw a great shot but I would have had to be in the middle of this busy roadway. I pulled over and tried shooting through the trees and got a few but not as good a one as I saw in my minds eye on that roadway. I see so many great shots as I drive that can only be taken from that spot in the middle of a highway or busy road. Here is the best photo of the bunch.