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6000 Miles

6000 miles
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01354

I’ve had my car for one year now. In that time I have only gone 6,000 miles. This is great for my lease because I will have plenty of miles left over and the car will be worth more when I turn in the lease. I’ve got such low numbers due to the fact that I work from home most of the time. The only running around I usually do is to the dojo or to school. I may put on some more miles this year because I am picking up Eva from school but I don’t think that will make a huge difference in the overall mileage.

The Run Around

RMV Ticket
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Today was a day full of running around. I had to get Allison’s car inspected and so I went over to pick it up and then then drove it around a little bit so that it would be warmed up for the inspection. I got to Achin’s and went to get the registration. It wasn’t there. I could not beleive it. I knew that I had renewed the registration and I swear it should have been there.

So I went back to the house to look through all the paperwork from the last three months. I also checked the Quicken program to make sure that I had in fact paid for the new registration. I had. I was unable to find the registration and so I looked online for getting a replacement registration. I learned that I could get a replacement at the RMV for $25. The image today is of my ticket while I waited. The thing is, my time at the RMV was the quickest and least painful part of running all around. It was super quick and efficient. When I told them what had happened they asked if I wanted the 2020 sticker for the license plate. I said yes but it made me wonder, was there a 2020 sticker on the plate already. If it was then I had to have had the registration at some point.

Sticker was on the plate.

With new Registration secured I ran back over to Achin’s and got the sticker for the car. I am really annoyed that I cannot find where the actual registration is, because I paid for it, I put the sticker on the car and I’m usually very good at these things. I would have put the sticker on the car and then put the registration in the car. And no, it wasn’t in my car. I checked.

At least it is all done for another year.