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Getting a New Cell Phone…

With the month of January looming in the horizon I can only think about the end of my Verizon cell phone contract. January 7th is the day when Allison and I can take our mobile cell phones and decide if we want to go with another carrier free of the hassle of having to pay $175.00 to break out of an unfair 2 year contract with our crappy phones. I can finally get rid of my Palm Treo 650 that no longer lets me use the handset to make my calls, but the plantronics bluetooth headset I got works great. I can also get a better camera and video phone so I can post more to Utterz.

In my research for a new cell phone or cell phone provider (we may stay with the “in” network after all) I found a site called Discusswireless.com. The site has a number of forums that are moderated by a knowledgeable staff. I can ask questions about the phones I am looking for as well as plans, contracts and fees. Also you can get a 5% discount on any purchases made at www.puremobile.com.

There are specialized forums for each of the major carriers as well as for certain phones. I will be spending some time on the Verizon Forum to learn more about the phone I really want, the EnV. Yes it is from Verizon. The whole family is on Verizon so it would be stupid for me to leave the network to pay for calls to them when I could get all my calls to family free.