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Friend Filled Selfie

Photo-A-Day #3384

Tonight our good friend Meghan came over for dinner. We picked up some steak tips from Bob’s Market as well as some salad and some Narragannsett Shandy beer. Meghan brought over ice cream and made her family’s secret chocolate sauce recipe. Yeah you could eat it with a spoon on its own it was soo good.

Allison put the kids to bed and we chatted for a while and then American Ninja Warrior came on. I’m not one for Reality Shows but this is simply incredible. The courses are crazy and the people participating are incredibly in shape. The whole show they teased that a woman who had been the first to conquer the vertical curved wall was going to try this latest course and she CRUSHED it! We were really excited for her. I wish we taped it to show Eva what was possible if you worked hard. Eva got inspired after the last time she watched American Ninja Warrior and made little courses in the back yard. She had fun.