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Minions Ornaments

Minions Ornaments
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01065

At Andy’s school each class is getting a Christmas tree to decorate. The students decide on a theme for the tree and then they bring in ornaments for decorating. Andy’s class is going with a minions theme and Andy came home and immediately made four ornaments out of clay. He is pretty amazing when it comes to creating things out of clay.

The tree thing is a yearly thing and last year Eva came home with her class’s tree. However that tree ended up dying and the running joke with her class was how Eva killed the tree named Toby McCheesey. Apparently this comes up often and now that they are working on their new tree they are having a mock trial regarding Eva’s involvement in Toby’s demise. She gets a kick out of it so there you go.

Clay Turtle Making Class

Teaching Claymaking
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00842

While we were at the Cape we were joined by the cousins. Andy brought some clay with him and he taught both of the cousins how to make clay turtles. He did a really nice job of instructing the kids. He was patient and he explained things very well. The kids made a bunch of turtles.

The kids had an egg hunt and they had fun doing that, too. I think they really liked being able to spend time playing with their cousins. It has been a challenge not to be able to visit with everyone. It was also nice to spend a few days on the Cape with my parents. The kids enjoyed having fun with them, too. We did movies and walks and lots of fun things. We’re getting them ready for the Summer ahead.