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My Pin Board

Pin Wall

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00530

In my office I have a pin board. It is mostly empty because I have many, many pins in a container in the garage. My entire Harley Davidson pin collection is there. I used to collect pins from all over the country. I also used to have them pushed into the walls of my cubicle. I removed them a few years ago and put them in a container. I’ll take them out once I get the new office set up and add them to the board.

Speaking of the new office, we’ll be getting that ready this week and next. I took Andy to Triboro paint earlier this week and let him pick out whatever color he wanted for his room. I had been steering him towards a blue but Andy is his own person and he’s got his own ideas on colors. So…. This is what he picked.

Aruba Blue

We’ll show you what it looks like once I’ve painted the room.

I Have Collections, Many Collections.


I collect stuff. I always have. When something comes out that is collectible I feel an insatiable need to get everything in a whole collection. I know that it is nearly impossible to keep up with something that gets very popular. Take for instance the Die Cast cars from the movie Cars. When they came out originally I tried to buy all of them. I thought, naively, that only the main stars of the movie would be made into die cast figures. So I figured that this would be relatively inexpensive for me. WRONG! Continue reading I Have Collections, Many Collections.