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Free Comic Book Day 2024

At Free Comic Book Day
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01944

Today was May The Fourth and it was a good day for Free Comic Book Day. When I got home from work I took the last piece of Ashbringer off the 3D Printer and put it together to show the size of it. I sent it off to my Sensei and he was very pleased. I’ve got to cut the dowel to the right size. He’ll put everything together himself. I am thinking that I may make one for myself, it is a very cool looking sword.

Final Printed Ashbringer

Over at Free Comic Book day we picked up a few books ,looked around and took a photo with the cosplayers. Eva got a full set of books and I got 5 books myself. Andy found one book but wasn’t that interested overall. I’m hoping to find more books that they would enjoy.

Out of the books that I got the best one by far was the Energeon Universe one which had 3 mini stories that went along with the three main series from Skybound, namely Transformers, Void Rivals and G.I. Joe. These stories actually fit right into what has been happening with these series so well. I’m actually going to the store weekly to get my books now because they are so good.

Halloween Comics Fest 2023

At Halloween Comics Fest
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01759

This morning I took Andy over to Wild Time Comics for the annual Halloween Comics Fest. There were free comic books and tons of animatronic Halloween decorations. Randy’s son, Ethan, collects them. He has many of them, and they all work, so there were scary things popping up all over. Andy braved closeness to them in order to pick up some pieces of candy.

Andy and a doggo

Andy’s favorite part of the event was getting to pet Randy’s dog. Just look at the smile on Andy’s face.