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Comedy Night At Foxwoods

dinner at shunocks
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01937

I had the weekend off so that Allison and I could go to Foxwoods to see the comedian, Drew Lynch. I got tickets for Allison for her birthday.

We started off the morning with Andy making us breakfast. Andy made eggs to order.

breakfast from Andy

In the afternoon Allison and I drove to Mystic and walked around the shopping area there. We tried to do to the older area of town but could not find a parking spot. So, instead we went to the shops which were fun. Then we went to the Shunock River Brewery. They make their own beers and also have a wood fire pizza oven. The pizza was excellent and we also enjoyed some pretzels.

The comedy show was fun. There were two openers who were not that good but the main comedian was so much fun. We really enjoyed his set.

Christmas Parmesan

At The Wilbur
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01811

Tonight Allison and I enjoyed our Christmas gift to each other. We got tickets to see Mike Birbiglia at The Wilbur. This was his holiday show that he decided to call Christmas Parmesan. Was it about Christmas? No. Was it about Italian food? No. It was just something silly that he named the show.

The show as really good. We laughed really hard all through the show, but nowhere as hard as the woman two over from me. She laughed loudly at everything even slightly funny things. She had a great laugh and I think I laughed more because of it. We had a great night and some really good comedy. It was our first time seeing Mike live. We’ve been fans for so long, too.

building LEGO NES

The kids had no school today because their schools had no power. andy got bored so I suggested that we built the TV portion of the LEGO NES set that I had. Andy really enjoyed working on that.

We got our power back around 4:30 today. Eva and I were at Jr. Krav at the time because it was stripe test. We each took class today and each got our stripes. Eva, one more on her red/black and me I got my orange stripe on my black belt.