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Were the Americas Atlantis?

Reading blogs and other information online I come across some very interesting theories. I certainly like interesting theories and find that the books I read have different takes on history and myths and legends. For example I read once that the location of the Trojan war was not in Greece but rather in England in a battle among the Celts. The book is called, where Troy once stood.

Today I came across a press release titled Atlantis Was a Real Place, the Americas. That is an interesting theory and the author claims that Atlantis was in the Tampa area. The thing is, it probably was. That is the way with many of these legends and myths they are based on real places and people just embellished over the years and grown into legends. Here is the press release about this theory and the book Atlantis Conspiracy, by Dennis Brooks.

Press Release

Atlantis Was a Real Place, the Americas

The kingdom of Atlantis included North, South, and Central America. It was divided into ten countries or kingdoms and each country had its own King. One of the kingdoms was also called Atlantis. The King of Atlantis was the ruler over the other nine Kingdoms. The first ruler of the Kingdom was called Atlas. This is how Atlantis got its name.

The royal city of the kingdom was located within the country of Atlantis. Within the royal city there was a royal palace. Originally, three different moats surrounded the royal palace. Plato referred to the moat formation as three zones of water and two zones of land.

As time went by they covered over the moats and cut three canals through the peninsula on which the royal palace was located. The construction of the canals divided the peninsula and formed two triangular shaped islands. The island that held the royal palace was called Atlantis. That is why Atlantis is referred to as a continent, and city, and an island.

Read the short version of Plato’s story at www.atlantiskingdom.com (Link no longer exists) to learn more about Atlantis and the Americas. Then read Plato’s Timaeus and Critias to get the complete story.

I have matched the terrain features that Plato wrote about with present terrain features found in the Tampa Bay area. Research shows that Plato described Harbour Island as the small island of Atlantis. You will find that Plato recorded and published the story just as it was told. He even recorded the discussions leading up to the story. You will also notice several obvious mistakes made in translating the story from Egyptian to Greek and from Greek to English. The biggest mistake occurred when travelers came upon a shoal of mud and thought it was left over from the sunken island. They were wrong. The continent of Atlantis did not sink.

You are invited to review the facts to see for yourself that the Americas, from South America to Alaska were once the kingdom of Atlantis, a single nation. The land formation is still laid out the same as it was over 11,000 years ago. It is best viewed from the air. See image (Image no longer exists).

Source: Dennis Brooks
www.atlantiskingdom.com (Link no longer exists)