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My Cookie!

Photo-A-Day #3825
My Cookie!

Mondays and Tuesdays. Man, they are some tough days to get it together. We thought that we would be slick and crock pot a pork shoulder to make pulled pork but even with it being in for 8 hours it didn’t quite shred the way we wanted it to do. So we kept it going for another few hours and took a family walk to Weatherlaines for dinner. Monday night’s they have a discounted menu and it was nice to walk with the kids to the restaurant. We’ll be having pulled pork for the foreseeable future anyway.

At dinner Andrew was cute and sweet. He was articulate and clear with the waitress. After dinner he got a cookie, part of his kids meal, and shared it with everyone. He even shared it with Eva, who had her own cookie. He was also very sweet with the people next to us.

MEGA M&M & 5 Grain Cookies

Photo-A-Day #3278

I came downstairs after my sleep day to find that Allison and Andrew made a batch of cookies that I had mentioned I wanted. These are cookies with MEGA M&Ms and 5 Grain cereal. I enjoy 5 grain cereal more than plain old oatmeal because there is much more to the texture of the 5 grain cereal. There are oats, Rye, Flax seeds and a couple other grains in the mixture. It is a great cereal to have with crasins and almonds. It does taste pretty fantastic in a cookie, too.