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Its Fine, Everything’s Fine

Its Fine Everythings Fine
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01797

Tonight I was playing some video games and I smelled smoke in the house. I rushed downstairs and Eva was sitting on the kitchen island and there was a haze of smoke all around. She was simply looking at her phone sending emails all the while there is thick smoke around her. Allison had asked her to watch the rice and turn it down once it boiled. Well, the pot above was the result. I know that Allison is very thankful that she has not opened her brand new set of pots and pans that she got for her birthday. That would have been very bad.

R2-D2 Is Mad

R2-D2 is mad
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01790

This is our air purifier. We named it R2-D2 and when we have something extra good for dinner R2 gets mad. R2 gets mad because things like beef and bacon give off so much smoke that it gets the air purifier working on overdrive. R2 will go from yellow to orange to screaming red when we do grill indoors or make bacon in the oven. All that good smoke gets R2 angry.