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Sunday One Minute Vlog. DAD 2.0 Call for Speakers

Wolverine in a Pedal Rider
Photo-A-Day #4176

Sunday’s are crazy ones. I run home from work and go to Church with the family. Then I get back to the house and try and get to sleep by 10am. Then I usually sleep until 5pm to get up for dinner with the family. Gather the trash and recycling to put it out before I leave. This leaves very little time to make a daily vlog so I’ve been doing these one-minute vlogs on Sunday.

Today I’m talking about my desire to speak at Dad 2.0. I’m looking to speak in a round table or maybe a panel all about vlogging for the average dad vlogger. There are so many things that people can do simply to vlog.

I Hate Wearing Collared Shirts

That one time I appeared on a Beer Podcast
Photo-A-Day #3976

What a crazy run around Monday. Back and forth across the town multiple times for different events and commitments. It worked out actually pretty well but lots of running plus being on a podcast tonight made for a long first day back to the real world after a weekend of work. I went to the gym after work and got home to take a quick couple hours nap before getting up and getting lunch. You can see me leaving the place I ate in the video below. I left there and went to pick up Eva from school and Andrew from Day Care. Today was play rehearsal day so it was off to rehearsal and then dinner. Then we headed back over to school/church for Eva’s first reconciliation. I talk more about that in the video below.

As if one video with me in it today wasn’t enough, well check out my appearance on the Daddy Porter Podcast below. I was on with Greg of http://daddyporter.com/ and Bryan of http://www.kzoodad.com/ Continue reading I Hate Wearing Collared Shirts