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Andy Loves Dogs

Andy loves doggos
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01575

On the way back from Rock Climbing tonight Andy and I stopped at Wild Time Comics. Andy loves dogs and Randy’s dog is a big old pile of fluff who enjoys getting pets. Andy just wants to give so much love to a dog and I think they needs one in their life. Although, I am not sure how a dog would fit into our life. Maybe look into adopting one after the Summer.

Keeping Lexi Company

Eva and Andy with Lexi
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01317

Today Tara and Erik went home but left Lexi with my parents. Andy decided that he would sleep with Lexi tonight to keep her company. Andy certainly does love dogs and he loves getting to spend some time with Lexi alone. He was so happy to sleep there with Lexi and they slept really well all night long.

Post Drone Mishap

This morning I took the boys across the street to the Bristol Beach parking lot. We took the two RC cars there so that I could work on the video for the BEZGAR truck. I also took my drone with me because I wanted to take some follow footage. Well, at one point the truck was backing up and I was trying to watch it in the drone controller screen and was backing up the drone at the same time and flew it right into my head. I got a couple good slices on my forehead. I was okay, though. We spent much of the day over at the beach and today was one of the nicest at the beach this Summer. Tonight we had a nice dinner with Mem and Grandfather in the back yard.