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Will the Rabbids Invade Your Easter Basket?

Rabbids Toys

I received some Rabbids toys to review recently and wanted to write about how they would make for some fun Easter Basket fillers or even Easter Egg fillers. Opinions are 100% my own.

I was sent two of the Rabbids two-packs and five of the blind bag figures. The two-pack sets would be a funny addition to an Easter Basket. Each of those figures make some funny noises. The toys make the noises when you pull on them, spin them or even fire an egg shooter (i.e. a chicken). They are really funny and the toys are detailed and the sounds are hilarious.

The blind bag Rabbids are little detailed figurines. There are seven of them in series 1. Out of all of the figures I have 5 of them. I’m missing the one called “sick” and the ultra rare chase figure. You can see the detail in the figures from my image above. It is hard to tell the two-pack figures from the much smaller blind bag figures. If you are looking for something to put inside your Easter Eggs then these little blind bag figures are the perfect size. If you want to just make sure you get all six of the regular figures you can pick up the special Toys R Us Exclusive 6 figure pack for $19.99.

There are a bunch more Rabbids toys available as well. More info on them below. Continue reading Will the Rabbids Invade Your Easter Basket?