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Interviewing the Cast of #YoungAndHungry at the #ABCFamilyEvent

YOUNG & HUNGRY – ABC Family’s “Young & Hungry” stars Kym Whitley as Yolanda, Rex Lee as Elliot Park, Emily Osment as Gabi Diamond, Jonathan Sadowski as Josh Kaminski and Aimee Carrero as Sofia Rodriguez. (ABC FAMILY/Bob D’Amico)

On the night that I arrived in California for the #ABCFamilyEvent we went to ABC Studios to screen three ABC Family Shows, Mystery Girls, Chasing Life and Young and Hungry. The biggest laughs from the crowd cam from watching Young and Hungry. When I learned that this show would be a part of my trip I watched every episode and each one provided me with laughter. I was excited to meet the cast the next morning at breakfast. I didn’t know what was in store for us.

ABC FAMILY – Blogger Day. (ABC FAMILY/Eric McCandless)

On Thursday morning I went to the Sheraton Universal Hotel’s restaurant and picked a table with a few other bloggers. One seat was set aside for the talent. The stars of Young and Hungry Emily Osment, Jonathan Sadowski, Rex Lee and Aimee Carrero as well as Executive Producer David Holden were scheduled to come and talk with us. It would be a round robin sort of thing where the stars would come visit each table and talk with us. We’d ask questions and there was a professional photographer who would take group photos. However, each person was so sweet and nice and they were gracious enough to take photos with whoever wanted them. I used my NXMini to take selfies in smile mode with each person. I also used my digital recorder to record our conversations so that I could write up this post. Below is a recap of each of the nice conversations that we had that morning. Continue reading Interviewing the Cast of #YoungAndHungry at the #ABCFamilyEvent