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Energizer Headlights #LightMyWay to a Better Night’s Sleep

I did this shopping trip already, back home and that time I picked up a Cap Light and not one of the Beam Headlights. Big Difference. So, I learned that I had to go back and do the shop again and it just so happened that I knew exactly what to use the Headlight for while on vacation. It has to do with this guy.

Walmart trip with Daddy. I should be in bed, right now.
Walmart trip with Daddy. I should be in bed, right now.

The title of this post is completely counter intuitive. How can something that lights up give someone better sleep. Oh, I didn’t mean my sleep, oh no, my sleep has been shot for years and vacations only make it worse. We are down in Florida visiting my in-laws for our vacation. Both kids are sleeping in the same room and my son is a terrible sleeper on a good day, on vacation he’s become impossible. This is the third night in a row that I’ve been up at 3-3:30am trying to get him back to sleep. He can get back to sleep with a little work. Me though, once I’m up, I’m up. 3am or 6am, it doesn’t matter. So, I might as well get some work done. Thing is, I can’t go turning lights on all over the house because that would wake people up and I can’t see my keyboard on my laptop from just the ambient light off of the screen. That is where I thought the night mode of the Energizer Headlight would help me best. If I’m going to run all night like the Energizer Bunny (@EnergizerBunny) I had better be able to see. Continue reading Energizer Headlights #LightMyWay to a Better Night’s Sleep

Review: Energizer Inductive Charger

Imagine coming home from work and placing your phone on the counter and having it charge automatically. No connecting of wires, no need to search for the charger, just place the phone down and it charges. That is the future according to Energizer and the their Qi Inductive Charger. Qi (pronounced Chee). Qi is the universal standard for inductive charging and more and more devices are going to be able to be charged in this way. This is what the charging station looks like.

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