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Eva’s Amazing Singing at the 4th of July Neighborhood Parade

Falmouth Fireworks
Photo-A-Day #4100

Our 4th of July celebration began rather early today. Andrew was up at 4am. Allison graciously took over trying to get him to go back to sleep. No luck. So when I got up and before the annual neighborhood parade she took a nap while he watched some videos on Netflix. I can’t even tell you what I was up to this morning except for maybe some coloring in my The Coloring Notebook. Eva did some sketching while I colored.

Around 11am we went over to the Dartmouth Ave Annual 4th of July Neighborhood Parade. We’ve been doing it each year and this year Eva said that she wanted to sing “God Bless America”. Well, I have never heard her sing a whole song before, except for goofing around at the house or in the car. I was utterly blown away to hear her sing “God Bless America”. She got right up on that picnic table and sang her heart out and did it so well. She had no musical accompaniment, just her singing. She was so poised and confident. It was a very proud dad moment.I caught it on video and it is in today’s vlog.

After the parade I went with my Dad, Uncle Wayne and cousin Scott to see the Hōkūleʻa over in Woods Hole. This is a double hulled canoe that is sailing around the world with no instruments. The sailors use the stars, waves and other means of navigation. It is a really amazing thing. The boat is 62 feet in length and has spots for 10-14 crew. I know one of the guys on one leg of the journey and thought that he would be there, but he wasn’t.

When we came home it was time for the beach. I went over and Eva and her friends had dug a large hole. They intended to sit in it to watch the fireworks but the tide had other plans. Then it was back home for showers and a cook out. We had a good amount of visitors and it was a very enjoyable meal.

Then it was time to head back to the beach for the famous Falmouth Fireworks display. I set up my camera with the fish-eye lens in order to capture the fireworks. They were good this year and luckily the winds blew away most of the smoke before the next firework went off. I was able to get a few decent photos.

Falmouth Fireworks Fourth of July Rain Date

Photo-A-Day #3376

The Falmouth Fireworks were postponed because of the tropical storm/hurricane Arthur. But tonight was a nice night, although it was very windy the fireworks were great. I took my Samsung NX30 with me and the 16mm lens to take the photos of the fireworks. I used the fireworks setting on the camera and I think it did a great job taking fireworks. The wind sort of made it tough to take the shots but in all I got some decent ones.

I ran to Walmart earlier in the day to get some ear protection for the kids. That way, I wouldn’t have to hear how loud it was from Eva. And it was a good idea because she was able to watch all of the fireworks and enjoy them. Andrew fell asleep moments before the show started and slept right through them.