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Game Review: None of A Kind

None of a Kind

Amigo Games sent us a free review copy f their card game, None of a Kind to play with and review. Opinions are our own.

Strolling through the aisles of Toy Fair I found the Amigo Games booth and got to play many different games there. One that really stood out was None of A Kind because I think it broke my brain a bit. That is what the game is supposed to do. It is so different than other games I have played and I liked it very much.

You can have up to six players all scrambling to solve this dynamic brain teaser of a game. All cards are laid out on the table and everyone attempts to string together cards that have nothing in common with the card previously put down. Things that have the possibility of making a match on a card are the number of times a word is printed on a card, the color of that printed word or the color that word says. So for example you may get a card that has the word blue printed twice in the color yellow. The next card you try and put down must not have the color written twice nor have the words or colors blue or yellow on it. It seems simple enough on the surface but it is so easy to mess up. Once one person thinks that they have the required number of cards in their string they say, “None of a Kind”. Play stops and everyone checks their row of cards. If you make a mistake then that card and everything after it are removed. The winner of that round is the one who has matched the most cards. So, you may not be the one who calls “None of a Kind” but if that person makes a mistake and you have made a longer non matching row then you win that round and have your choice of which point card you want to keep.

None of a Kind

In this game all players are playing at the same time with the pile of cards in the center of the table. No waiting for turns, everyone is working on their own rows simultaneously.

You can learn more about the game at the None of a Kind page on the Amigo Games website and if you are interested in purchasing the game please consider using our Amazon.com affiliate link below.

Game Review: Playin’ Possum

Playin PossumWe received a free review copy of Playin’ Possum from Amigo Games to play with and review. Opinions are our own.Simple games are fun for quick play. When I was at Toy Fair I learned how to play Playing Possum and it was a quick and simple game. Essentially you are playing a Rock, Paper Scissors type of game but you are also trying to fake out the people that you ae paying with and trying to grab as much trash as you can. You can play this with up to 10 people and so it is good for social interaction. You can also play the game with two people, there are many possibilities.

Playing Possum

The entire game arrives in a little plastic trash bin with working rolling wheels. I think that that is what attracted me immediately to the game, the unique way in which it was packaged. It was so different. Then I played and really enjoyed it. I played with Andy and Eva a couple of times at home and the kids liked it, too. You can learn more about the game on the Amigo Games website. You can also order teh game through our Amazon.com affiliate link below.