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At Kylie’s Lacrosse Game

At House of Fortune
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01938

It was nice to have the weekend off because I was able to go to watch my niece in her lacrosse game. She’s an excellent player. She’s fierce and very competitive. She scored some of the only points for her team and scored right off the bat. Unfortunately the team did not win but she gave it her all and even played goalie for a half.


After the game we went with the whole family to House of Fortune for lunch. We had a great time and the kids got along well. Andy and Dylan talked a bit about Fortnite and when Andy got home they played together for a bit. The boys having some common game to play together might be nice for them.

Celebrating Grandma’s Playful Spirit

playful spirit
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Today was the wake and funeral for Grandma Bennett. We drove down to Harwich for the wake and got into a ton of traffic at the Sagamore bridge. I had the video tribute with me and was getting antsy that we were not going to make it for the entire wake. Luckily I did not have to worry, we got there when we got there and I was able to get the video playing right away. It was not playing in the room where people were paying respects and so most of my aunts and my parents didn’t even get to see it. Luckily I had it all saved on Google so I could send them the link to the video later.

The wake was lovely and most of my cousins were there. A couple who were on the West Coast could not make it but I am glad that they made the trip out a little while back to see Grandma one last time. Otherwise we were all there.

The funeral was very nice and Eva did one of the readings. MY Dad did the eulogy which was very well done. My Aunt Cathy even took her flute out to play one of the hymns. Grandma loved music and every Christmas would come with a big box of instruments so the kids could do Christmas Carols.

Many wonderful stories were shared about Grandma Bennett at the funeral and at the collation afterwards. Andy ate their weight in meatballs because no one stopped them. To say that their tummy was a bit full would be a understatement. We stayed in Falmouth with my parents overnight. I don’t think any of us wanted to go back into that bridge traffic again.