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Wellfleet Audubon Adventures

Wellfleet Audubon Adventures
Photo-A-Day #4459

In what looks to be becoming a yearly tradition, today we went to the Wellfleet Audubon Society for a family hike. This time we were headed there with friends. Allison’s friend from college was up with her family. They have three kids and our kids fall right between theirs in ages. Andrew had a friend to play with and then Eva had two to play with. All the kids got along with each other really well overall.

The hike was lead by two people from the Audubon Society and they told us a lot about the area. We also got nets to use to catch fish and crabs and more. We also observed and caught the fiddler crabs in the area. There are tons of fiddler crabs. I love watching them as they zip in and out of their series of tunnels. I took along my 360 camera and when I got a chance I put it in fiddler crab city and then walked away to let it record without anyone around. Slowly the crabs came out of their holes and went back about their business. It is a tough thing to do because there were people coming and going over and over. I wasn’t really able to get the best video with lots of activity from the crabs. I’ll have to try another time when I have more time.

After our adventure we went back to Allison’s friend’s parent’s house for a cook out. The kids amused themselves with tons of chalk drawings on the driveway. They also spent time running around chasing after each other. Dinner was really good and we had fun visiting. It was nice for Allison to have some time with her friend.

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Exploring the Wellfleet Audubon Sanctuary

2 Frogs on a Log
Photo-A-Day #4028

Today we got up early and drove to Wellfleet to the Audubon Sanctuary. Along the way we picked up Aunt Cindy and Uncle Wayne to accompany us on this adventure. Many years ago I went on hiking adventures with Aunt Cindy and Uncle Wayne. We’d done part of the Appalachian Trail, some Snowshoeing and more. So, when we were thinking of some adventures on our staycation e knew that we had to catch up with them and have them along on our trip to the Audubon Sanctuary.

We went to this location last year during our vacation on the Cape. It was our Family Adventure Day at Wellfleet Audubon Sanctuary. We met up with Aunt Cindy and Uncle Wayne last year, after the adventure. But this year, they got to be a part of the adventure. We took the trail down to the beach and got to see the fiddler crabs, the tide come in and more.

Eva was very much into observing the crabs. She got very upset whenever anyone walked near them and frightened them back into their holes. There was a lot of shushing. Then the tide came in and water filled up all the holes. You can hear the bubbling sounds when you watch the video.

Andrew had a fun time digging in the sand with Uncle Wayne. They were digging trenches for the water and as the water came in for the tides the trenches would fill up. Andrew was very excited to make a “B”. He was also excited to hold a dead fiddler crab. He had no fear. Eva, not so much, she wanted nothing to do with it.

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