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Introducing Nintendo Labo

Nintendo LABO Variety Kit

The Nintendo Switch is such an amazing innovation in video gaming. However, it is not often that a video game platform has real world applications. The Nintendo Switch is no ordinary gaming platform. Below is a press release about the new Nintendo LABO which is a special DIY kit that you can build physical games that work with the joycons and the screen. One of the kits even transforms you into a robot and as you move the robot on the screen does too. It is a cool way to use the technology of the Nintendo Switch in such a great way.

Nintendo has put together a preview video to show people these new toys or toycons that you can make and then use with the Nintendo Switch. You can watch that below and then read the full press release below that and if you want to purchase these toys I have links to where you can pre-order them.

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Youth Day at Wrentham Sportsman Club

The kids with Summer Santa
Photo-A-Day #4435

This morning we went to the Wrentham Sportsman’s Club for their annual Youth Day. Uncle Howard always invites us to come out for this fun event. There was fishing, hayrides, a cookout and each kid got lots of fun things like sunglasses, hats, fidget spinners and even new fishing rods.

Andrew and Eva both reeled in fish. Andrew caught a sunfish and Eva caught a rainbow trout. They enjoyed it despite the fact that their fish, Harry, died that morning. The kids were pretty torn up about that. We’ll try again with another fish in a couple of weeks. Maybe get a proper tank and all that, too.

The weather was great and I do like to fish. Andrew and Eva are both better at casting. Uncle Howard fished with us for a while and then had some duties of his own to perform. He drove kids around on a hayride.

Later on, after the cookout Uncle Howard came back in his Summer Santa outfit. The kids had a great time and we are so grateful to be able to spend this family time each year.