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Marvel X Fornite Zero War Conclusion

Marvel X Fortnite Zero War 5
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01365

The fifth and final MArvel X Fortnite Zero War comic came out today and with it another free downloadable cosmetic for the game. What I did not know was that there was an additional set f cosmetics that I would get for free from having all the comics. I got the Iron Man Zero War suit plus back bling and harvesting tool. This is a great set because it also comes with a built in emote and the suit can be both Iron Man red and Gold or Fortnite Blue and red. It looks great. I thought, however that I’d have it sort of exclusively for a little while. You know, a reward for people who actually bought the comic books and and collected the codes but when the item shop reset at 8pm there was the set that anyone could buy using their V-bucks. I was mildly annoyed, but not surprised.

On another front, COVID continues to run its course. I’m really run down because of it. This has really killed my training and I’m not happy about it. I took a walk around the block twice today and both times was breathing hard. Not short of breath or anything but it was a challenge. And last week I was walking 3 miles with an extra 30lb weight vest on. I’m on the Paxlovid and everything tastes like bile. I’m constantly taking in fluids and such but they don’t taste right, I hope this stuff is worth it.

Rocking Save The World

Rocking Save The World
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01285

With the last update to Fortnite they added a whole bunch of movement options to characters in Save The World. Now the characters can move like the characters in the regular Battle Royale game with the ability to slide, mantle and sprint. This makes the Ninja character so much better to play.