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Lights and Sounds Optimus Prime Funko

Funko Prime
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01914

The other day I was seraching for some things on Amazon and I was trying to find the Origins Wheeljack figure that I cannot find anywhere. I noticed that there was a new Transformers Funko Pop figure, an Optimus Prime figure that has lights and sounds. When you tap the top of his head Prime will say two phrases and then will also make the transforming sound. I added this to the shelf that has all my Optimus Prime figures.

Funko Iron Man Headphones

Iron Man Headphones
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01903

Funko has gotten into the wireless headphone space. I found these Iron Man ones at Five Below. I got them because they looked really fun. The holder is very much like the Funko POP Pez Dispensers that I have collected. This is the only figure that I found that was a Marvel superhero. The headphones are comfortable but do not work for very long. I have to take them with me each Saturday to work because I definitely need headphones at work. Blocks out the noise of people around me.