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Stage Time

Photo-A-Day #3263

Today Eva was in her first play with the Triboro Youth Theater. The play was called Get Hoppin’ and she was a robin. She has enjoyed being a part of the cast for the past few months. A couple of mornings each week Eva and I would listen to the music CD on the way to school. We would sing together and get her ready for the play.

I worked last night so I tried to get a little sleep before the play. The play was at 11am and so I set two alarms. One for 10:15am and another for 10:20am. Both had loud music alarms. I slept right through both of them and 4 texts from Allison. Allison called me at 10:50am and I finally woke up, sprinted out of bed and got over in time to see the show. Next time, I don’t wear the earplugs. Continue reading Stage Time