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Quick Visit from Mimi and Dano

visit with Mimi and Dano
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01670

Mimi and Dano are visiting with us for a couple of days. They arrived yesterday afternoon and spent today with the kids and Allison at the Providence Flea and they also went to Rock Spot in Providence. That location is all bouldering but Andy had a nice time there anyway. We’ll have to get them out and climbing at another place again later this month.

Tonight we did steak tips. We tried to do it outside but there was a rather persistent yellow jacket that was harassing Eva. So, we moved the meal inside.

Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01379

Today was Eva’s first Grandparent’s day at Feehan. My mom and dad came up from the Cape to spend the afternoon with her. There was a prayer service and then Eva took them on a tour of the campus. They took her to House of Fortune for lunch. They had a nice day together.

I had my annual physical today. I’ve been doing well with my weight and my diabetes. The Dexcom G6 has been mostly helpful, as long as it doesn’t totally screw up or anything. It helps me know where I am at with my blood sugar at all times that I am close to my old phone because the app does not work on the new phone. What a pain.

This afternoon I took Andy to his Rock Climbing class and he did a fantastic job. They played games for the day. It was called, The Chalk Bag of Destiny. In the chalk bag there were different tasks for the kids to complete. Andy did a bunch and one thing he did was Top out of the bouldering area, six times! I came in at the end of his class and got to see him top out his last time. He looked so strong.

Later tonight Eva and I went to our Karate Pro-Tec class on Sword forms. We each have a wooden training sword and are learning the black belt form in the next six weeks. It is a bit easier than nunchucks but still challenging. I’ve got to get some grip tape for the swords so that they don’t go flying out of our hands from sweat.