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Heading Home from our #GreatWolfLodge Adventure

Sporting their tats
Photo-A-Day #4117

I think that two days of bringing my phone to the water with me at Great Wolf Lodge was tempting fate enough. So there are no images from our runs today. We got up fairly early and got ourselves ready to go to the waterpark. The main objectives today was to enjoy the waterpark and complete the MagiQuest. One goal we dominated and the other we came up short.

I went and got Allison another coffee at the Dunkin Donuts. On the way there I asked at the front desk if it was possible for us to get late checkout. We weren’t told when we checked in and got VIP status if that late checkout was part of it. So, I figured that I’d ask. They said no problem and that really took the pressure off. Now we could go and relax and enjoy our day.

We got to the waterpark at 9am when it opened and we looked around for Andrew’s Frogglez but they were not to be found anywhere. We checked the front desk via phone and then at the park itself but they were gone. They are too cool for anyone not to pass up as they walk by. So we had Andrew in regular goggles and there was the awful hair pulling for us to suffer through.

The park was pretty empty and we took advantage of that by making 8 runs in at the top of the platform. Andrew did the Otter Run four times in a row and so did I. I kept trying to catch him but he’d hit the bottom, jump up and sprint up those stairs to go again. Each time up the stairs got slower for me. Then we started going down the tube rides, Alberta Falls. I did not catch the names of both of these slides so we called them the light slide and the dark slide. The dark slide was slower and the light slide had a big drop. Andrew and I did double rides down both of those slides over and over. I kept thinking that he was going to slip out from my legs and under the tube, he wasn’t but that was my fear. He just made it for height. He’ll be able to do his own tube by himself next time. The kid has no fear. So, I’d say we dominated goal number one for the day. We did all we wanted to do in the water park in an hour and a half.

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The Real Day 2 of Our Secret #GreatWolfLodge Adventure

Our CLubhouse Crew Kids
Photo-A-Day #4116

Today was our full day at the Great Wolf Lodge waterpark. We started off with another ride down the Canyon River Run. When we got to the bottom Eva and I went up to the Howlin’ Tornado. I also took my phone and the XShot with me. I was holding it to film Eva who was directly across from me on the raft. I ended up going down backwards because I was the heaviest person on our raft. I was on with Eva and to kids. We went down the tube and then dropped down into the huge drain. When you do that you go down one side and up the other. I kept having the problem that when water splashed the phone it shut off the recording. I got a fairly good shot of Eva seeing the giant drop for the first time. Some great expressions on her face for that. It is in the vlog for today.

After the Howlin’ Tornado. Eva and I were a bit shaken. It was scary but fun. We got our nerves back by hanging out in the wave pool for a while.Once we were relaxed we went across the way to the other waterpark and played in the Fort Mackenzie area for a while then Allison and Eva did the lazy river and Andrew and I kept playing in Fort Mackenzie. While in there my glasses got blasted off my face and I didn’t realize it. Then I stepped on those glasses and scratched them all up. I hope that I am still covered by the Crizal warranty. There are plenty of scratches on them now. Later on Andrew would lose his Frogglez.

We had lunch by the Lazy River and then the kids tried crossing the Big Foot Pass. They both did a great job on it.

We hadn’t been back to Great Wolf Lodge since the grand opening two years ago. At that time the kids were younger and so we didn’t do any of the slides. One thing that Allison noticed when we were there the first time was the training we saw in all the lifeguards. They were awesome, always moving, always scanning the pools, hand signals to the other guards. This could have been a sort of “everyone on their toes because the boss is there” sort of thing but it wasn’t. We saw that same level of training and care from the lifeguards this time around. In fact everyone we came into contact with was friendly and warm and so good to the kids.

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