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Grilling in the Dark

grilling in the dark
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01776

With the time change the light is gone so early now. I was out grilling up steaks for dinner at 4:30pm and it was so dark that I had to wear a headlamp in order to see them grilling. I love to grill and will do so all year long but it is much harder to get motivated to do so when the clocks change and the dark comes in so much quicker.

It Was As If She Knew

It is as if she knew
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01341

When I woke up this afternoon I put on my Grillmasters of the Universe shirt and Allison had gotten burgers for dinner and put me to work. It was as if she knew I’d have on the appropriate gear.

It sounds like everyone had a nice day today. Eva went to her D&D group for the afternoon and Allison took Andy to rock climb. She said that he was like a whole other kid there. He was confident and having an awesome time. I think this really helped him clear his head after so of the events from the past couple of days. He was so animated and excited talking about all the climbing that he did and many of the people in the gym remarked at how well he was doing. He’s so excited to start his classes the week after next. they picked up a chalk bag and chalk for him to use. The staff couldn’t believe how long he climbed without any chalk.

Andy Climbing